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The SUS Band

 The SUS Band - Something Old Something New (1999)

01. Better Must Come
02. You Mean So Much To Me
03. I Wish It Would Rain
04. Can't You Understand I Admire You Behold
05. I Hear Them Say
06. One More Jamaican
07. Give Me The Strength
08. Push Me In The Corner
09. Feel Good All Over
10. Life
11. No Greater Love
12. I've Played The Fool
13. Rage Of War
14. Time Has Come
15. One More Returnee

The Sus Band

The Sus Band - We Are Sus (2011)

01. Where Is The Love
02. So Glad That You're Mine
03. Rougher Than Rough
04. Sweetest Love
05. We Are Sus
06. So Neat So Sweet
07. Love Never Came To Stay   
08. Living The Life With The One   
09. Must Have Been A Fool   
10. She Boom   
11. Ah Who Dat
12. Counting The Days
13. Hooked On You
14. My Baby's Coming Back
15. I Believe In The Power Of Love
16. I'm Lost In A Dream

The SUS Band

The SUS Band - Pick Yourself Up (2016)

01. Deal With It
02. Dis Ya Dance Ar Boom
03. I Don't Know Why
04. All I Need
05. Don't Hold Me Back
06. Getting It On With The Preacher Man
07. It Was You Lord
08. Pick Yourself Up
09. Thank You Lord
10. Tonite Tonight
11. Turn To Him
12. Walk Away Turn Away
13. Why Must I
14. You Rejected Me