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Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones - Jesus Is Calling (2000)

01. Praise Him (Intro)
02. One Day At A Time
03. Kings Of Kings
04. Let It Be
05. Leaning On Jesus
06. Leaning On Jesus Feat Harry Toddler
07. Love Filled Me
08. Till The Storm
09. The Sweeter He Grows
10. Blessed Be The Name
11. Fill My Cup
12. The Love Of God

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones - Sings Hit Songs In Reggae Style (1987)

01. Midnite Blue
02. Woman In Me
03. The First Cut Is The Deepest
04. Angel Of The Morning
05. It´s Gonna Take A Miracle
06. On Top The World
07. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
08. Symphony Of Love
09. Single Girl

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones - My Love: Just When I Needed You Most (1981)

01. Just When I Needed You
02. Why Birds Fly
03. The Clock Is Ticking Away
04. My Love
05. You And I
06. Will It Last Forever
07. This Love Makes Me Happy
08. Really Want To Know
09. Ooh Wee Baby
10. True Believe In Love
11. Dream Dream
12. My Boy Lollipop
13. My Boy Lollipop Version
14. Teardrops

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones - For Your Ears Only (1978)

01. Walk Through This World
02. How Much Is That
03. Watching You Grow
04. Someone Who Cares
05. Oh Waht A Night
06. Don't Turn Your Back
07. Release Me
08. Come And Get Yourself Some
09. I Can't Help It Darling
10. Hold On To What You've Got
11. Slim Boy
12. Changing Partners
13. Just A Friend
14. Have A Good Time
15. Why Did You Leave Me
16. For Your Eyes Only

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones - Don't Stop Loving Me (1979)

01. Don't Stop Loving Me
02. The Kiss
03. Personal Belongings
04. Dream Dream
05. Never Let Me Go
06. Johnnytell Me What To Do
07. If i Had My Way
08. Sad Movie
09. Tear Drops
10. Breaking Up