Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson - Reggae Feelings (1982)

01. Natty Dread Come In A Dance
02. Reggae Feelings
03. Dread Locks
04. Loving You
05. Fussing & Fighting
06. Settle Down
07. Mother Mother
08. Jah Love
09. Sitting Everyday
10. Run Too Much
11. Gunshot
12. I'm Coming Home
13. Spend Time Loving You
14. She Have Fe Come A Me

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  1. i am a long time visitor of your site.
    but now,recent uploads have bad quality and include skips messenger sounds.
    do you transcode them or record music while chatting on facebook?
    use EAC and LAME vbr codec to rip CD and turn down every system sound while recording vinyl ;)


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