Third World

Third World - Journey To Addis (1978)

01. One Cold Vibe (Couldn't Stop Dis Ya Boogie
02. Cold Sweat
03. Cool Meditation
04. African Woman
05. Now That We Found Love
06. Journey To Addis
07. Fret Not Thyself
08. Rejoice

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  1. Dear friend, just wanted to thank you so much for this, this was such an important album for me growing up in North London in 1978, my old album has long since gone, but I still have a couple of 7" vinyl cuts from it, Now that we found love and Cool Meditation, think I also still have a 12" of NTWFL around somewhere too. Couldn't tell you what happened to the album and had no idea it ever got a CD release, so you can image how happy I was to find this as a CD rip, was expectring to find a scratched up piece of vinyl on the web somewhere but never this. Hope you don't mind if I have a good root(s) around your blog, you have me very curious now as to what else might be here! Thanks again friend.


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