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The Melodians

The Melodians ‎- Rivers Of Babylon Expanded Edition (2019)

01. Rivers Of Babylon
02. It Took a Miracle
03. Sweet Sensation
04. It's My Delight
05. A Day Seems So Long
06. Lost My Love
07. Though I'm Through With You
08. I Don't Care
09. Oh Say, Darling Say
10. Walking in the Rain
CD Bônus
11. Sounds Of Babylon
12. (Come) Rock It with Me
13. Let's Give Thanks and Praises
14. Put It Down Children
15. Staircase Of Time
16. Two Sides to Every Story
17. Freedom Train
18. Too Young to Fall in Love
19. The Time Has Come
20. Hold My Hand
21. My Life, My Love
22. When the Sun Goes Down
23. No Sins at All
24. Come Ethiopians Come
25. Second Babylon