Rádio Planeta Reggae

Keith Hudson

Keith Hudson - Entering the Dragon (Limited Edition) (2006)

01. Blackbelt Jones (Aka Entering the Dragon)
02. Man from Shooters Hill
03. Will You Come Out Tonight
04. Now That You're Leaving
05. Rage Of Love
06. Too Possessive And You Know It Baby
07. War War
08. Like You Going to a Fair
09. You're Still a Little Girl Dub
10. It Was When Friends Started to Talk About You
11. I Don't Know You (Dub)
12. Oh No, Not My Baby
13. Words So True (Dub)
14. Misery
15. Light Of Day
16. I Thought You Knew
17. (All I Need Is Your) True Loving
18. Bandaloo Skank (Aka Musical Jest)
19. All That We Need Is Love
20. Love I - Version
21. The Exile Song (Adisababa)
22. In the Burning Sun (Jah Ho)
23. Strayed In Babylon
24. Skin Him Alive
25. Musical Rock
26. Blackbelt Jones (Aka Entering the Dragon) Version
27. Lightning And Thunder
28. Like I'm Dying
29. Shoulder to Shoulder
30. Shoulder Rock